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Future of Leadership Graduate Program

Start your career at Leadbacker, the leading AI-driven people engagement & development platform. Revolutionize the future of leadership.



Join us in building Europe’s leading people enablement software

Become a thought leader and a software-as-a-service (SaaS) expert. Master the art and science of business development & sales or customer success & account management by taking part in Leadbacker’s Future of Leadership Graduate Program.

You’ll have immediate impact and take ownership. Your learning will be accelerated by a wide range of training and personal development. You’ll speed up your career with our career levels — including new roles and responsibilities in a fast-growing scale-up.

Our team

These are some of your potential new colleagues! See what they have to say about Leadbacker — in their own words.

Leadbacker consists of a diverse team, which I personally find very enriching. In addition, we operate with flat hierarchies and we offer an extremely flexible working model, which allows you to create your own work-life balance. 

Personally, I also appreciate the many opportunities to learn and grow within the company, as well as the financial study support.


Since I've been working at Leadbacker, I've been constantly pushed out of my comfort zone and into the learning and growth zone, which has contributed significantly to my personal development.

Marketing Team Lead

Coming to Leadbacker first as a student helped me to combine the theoretical and practical world. From the first day onwards I had the opportunity to find my own projects and work with great colleagues who support you wherever they can.

Product Owner Consultant

Leadbacker offers me the perfect opportunity to combine studying at university with a job.

It fascinates me to learn things theoretically at university and to see and help shape them directly in practice at Leadbacker. I am glad to be part of a great team that allows me to gain new experiences, to grow and to develop myself further.

Marketing Assistant & Controlling

In the product development team at Leadbacker, our responsibilities greatly transcend just writing and shipping code. We are not just a number in a big enterprise, instead we are given full ownership of the product we are building and are able to have a positive impact from day one.

The company provides a lot of room to grow - both personally and professionally. Join us to work alongside smart and humble colleagues, who are always ready to provide meaningful feedback and to help each other out!

Product Owner

Leadbacker’s Future
of Leadership Graduate Program

Permanent employee, Full-time · Vienna
You don't need to send a full cover letter, but please provide a brief answer to: Why Leadbacker? Why you?

Please note: During the application process, you don't need to input information that is already mentioned in your CV.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


One-year program. Three tracks.

We’ll jointly select the right track for you according to your interests and experience.

Business Development
& Sales


  • Become a core member of our sales team. Take ownership to open up new markets and expand our impact on existing markets.
  • Practice modern sales approaches like solution selling and challenger sales.
  • Refine, implement, and continuously improve our lead generation strategy and inbound qualification.
  • Drive the buying and tool-evaluation process with potential clients and close new deals.
  • Create the best end-to-end SaaS buyers’ experience throughout the sales cycle.

Customer Success
& Account Management


  • Become a core member of our client success team. Create lasting relationships with our clients and help them build better companies.
  • Onboard new clients and users and set them up for success while continuously testing and improving the onboarding experience.
  • Work with client organizations to roll out more parts of the platform and enable them to have the greatest possible impact by using Leadbacker.
  • Monitor and improve client success KPIs and help scale client success processes and structures.
  • Create the best SaaS customer experience across onboarding, support, and account management.

Technology Data
& Machine Learning


  • Become a core member of our technology team. Build a world-class software and help our clients develop their people.
  • Design new solutions to future needs and set up user journeys for high acceptance rates while continuously testing and improving the user experience.
  • Work with client organizations during design sprints and enable them to have the greatest possible impact by using Leadbacker.
  • Monitor and improve system operations KPIs and help scale Leadbacker processes and structures.
  • Create the best SaaS customer experience by deploying a clean and reliable Leadbacker code, data bases and machine learning principles.

What you’ll get from the program

Continues Learning & fast Progression

  • We believe that true ownership drives fast learning, so you’ll have a direct impact by owning customer interactions from the start. We commit to supporting you to take this ownership with thorough onboarding and ongoing coaching & training.
  • 10+ training sessions in one year as part of Leadbacker’s Future of Work Academy.
  • 10+ training sessions in one year on business development & sales or customer success & account management — including negotiation, communication, active listening, and much more.
  • 6+ workshop sessions in one year on personal development and topics like resilience, mindfulness, and mental health.
  • Your personal Leadbacker buddy will support your success.
  • Weekly 1:1s with your manager, ongoing coaching, clear development objectives, an accountability partner for your development objectives, and three rounds of 360° feedback in your first year with us.
  • We offer fast progression through our career levels. This way, you’ll take on new roles and responsibilities throughout the Graduate Program. Read about our team’s steep learning curve HERE
  • Graduation into the next level only depends on your performance, so you can take charge and personally accelerate your career.

What we’re looking for

Ready to apply?

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Is our graduate program not for you?
Explore all our other CAREER OPPORTUNITIES at Leadbacker.

Help us make work fulfilling for everyone

At Leadbacker, we want work to be the best it can be for everyone. We help companies create environments where people can achieve shared goals, build authentic relationships, learn, and grow together.

See our openings


Find out what makes Leadbacker a very special workplace

Put simply, our purpose is to make work fulfilling for everyone. And we know how to get there. But we can only do this by “walking our talk” and building a diverse company where people — and not just the business — thrive.

We’re growing healthy.

That makes us work even harder to ensure our culture stays strong.
At Leadbacker, we strive for excellence. But this doesn’t mean competing or sacrificing our well-being and personal lives. In 2022, Leadbacker was awarded 'Born Global Champion' by the Austrian Federal Department of Digitalization and Economics. 

We grow our team sustainably.

We’re focused on sustainable growth. We make conscious decisions and only hire people who will make our culture even stronger. These practices have allowed us to grow fast in a challenging market. We genuinely care for each other.

We practice what we preach.

We value feedback from all perspectives, celebrate achievements across all teams, and we show (and encourage) appreciation.

We focus on learning and development.

We also promote hands-on leadership.

We support this by giving all of our team strong project ownership and having regular career conversations. Also, each employee receives a development budget to spend on education that accelerates their learning.

We care about social issues and the environment.

In December 2020, we raised funds for good causes: Teach4Austria Foundation and DiakonieWe’re also SDG aligned and carbon-neutral, and we intend to do even more.

Compensation & Benefits

  • We offer a part of Leadbacker via our stock option program

  • We offer a yearly budget for professional development

  • International team of different cultures

  • We promote a healthy work-life-balance 

  • We enable hybrid work and flexible working hours


Virtual Stock

Remember we said we
want to grow together?

You'll get to own a part of Leadbacker via our stock option program.


Development budget

We’ll actively support your individual growth

You'll receive a yearly budget of €2,000 for professional development that will be a tax-deductible part of your salary.



We understand individual work rhythms

Whenever the role allows, you'll be able to adjust your schedule to your needs.



We know there’s life
outside of work

We want you to enjoy yours to the fullest and we respect
your time!


International colleagues

We’re looking for the right people to join us

We’re an international team and are happy to support your visa and relocation.


Team activities & sports

We nurture belongingness and promote well-being

We host regular team events (even remotely), and offer a sports membership.


Our values

We stay true to our values in everything we do, and we remind one another to always do so.
Discover Leadbacker’s values — who knows, we might be a match!

& learn

We always seek understanding. It helps us grow together and learn from each other — as well as from our customers and partners.



What brought us together was the desire to make work fulfilling for everyone. We’re like-minded in that we hold ourselves accountable for the impact we want to have in this world.

Challenge the
status quo

We challenge ourselves and don’t walk the beaten path just because everyone else does. Instead, we reflect and seek out better ways.

Take ownership
& pursue excellence

We’re a group of smart and dedicated people, and we trust each other to truly own our work. We’re not afraid of high expectations.

Be honest
& transparent

We’re honest and transparent with each other and ourselves. We want to get to the core of it, always. We trust each other to handle all shared information with care.


Be kind & humble

We are more than just colleagues — we genuinely care for each other. We give each team member the appreciation they deserve and the support they need. We have no interest in serving our egos.

What does our hiring process look like?

Our recruitment process doesn’t look the same for every role, but we usually follow the structure below:

  • Application & first Interview
    Please apply by sending us your CV and answering two questions: Why Leadbacker? Why you? In a first 30-min interview, we’ll get a better understanding of mutual fit
  • Case Study
    Prepare a case study and present the results during the second interview with someone from the hiring team.
  • Culture Fit Interview
    You’ll get to know more members from the hiring team and Leadbacker’s founders. We’ll evaluate culture fit.
  • Reference calls and offer
    We’ll call two references to understand how you worked together. If all goes well, we’ll extend a formal offer and hope you’ll join us!