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This Council brings together some of the brightest minds in the field of people development to collaborate for future people- and leadership practices building on

  • Advocating, empowering people, and giving everyone a voice.
  • Breeding more leaders in every cell of an organization.
  • Establishing roles models practicing presence, accountability, and care.

Introducing our members

What do you hope to take from these talks?

‘’To learn how we can encourage people to use & accept the tools in the long run needed to better themselves in the workplace.’’

Dr. Judith González, MBA

‘’To receive a bit more clarity & understand the overarching picture of Leadership development activities in the working world.’’

Prof. Dr. Christof Miska

‘’To better explore and develop the phenomenon of employee loyalty once their support network is spread too far.’’

Dr. Giulio Franzinetti

‘’To engage and forecast how digitalization will affect the future of leadership & what our role in this will be.’’

Prof. Ben Bryant

‘’How are we capable of breeding leaders in every cell of an organization and what will be their desired principles of behaviour.’’

Dr. Norbert Hölzl


Sabine Brandl, MBA

Global Sales Lead, Vienna

Prof. Ben Bryant

Professor of Leadership Transformation, Lausanne

Matjaz Butara

Chief People & Marketing Officer / Retail, Ljubljana

Arjun Dhaul

Neuroscience Expert, Amsterdam

Dr. Giulio Franzinetti

Fund Manager, London

Dr. Judith González, MBA

HR Manager, Vienna

Ansgar Hölscher

Advisor & Co-founder, Hamburg

Prof. Dr. Christoph Miska

Professor of International Management, Vienna

Dr. Norbert Hölzl

Founder and CEO, Vienna