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Leading implies understanding
all facets

The Leadbacker-misson

We help organizations grow with a lived feedback culture and effective digital leadership dialogues. Simple, intuitive and impactful, we are the back-up for leaders on their journey to become the best version of themselves.


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6 Digital Leadership Dialogues – "BASIX"


Leadbacker supports you as a thought leader in various dialogues of daily life as a leader. The application, which is available both as a desktop version and as an app, allows you to get timely feedback from your employees and stakeholders.
Learn how you affect your environment in important leadership moments, motivate your colleagues with a nice message and put a smile on their faces with a Praise message.
In addition to face-to-face dialogues, Leadbacker supports you in conducting structured digital development dialogues.



makes leadership effective

Feedback combines two human needs in a wonderful way, if it is done in an appreciative and strength-based way: it combines on the one hand the desire for personal growth and on the other hand the desire to be accepted as we are today.



Structured, periodic 360
Performance Reviews


Pulse Feedback

Spontaneous, ad-hoc appreciation
in standard situations


Identify Blind Spots

Bring In- & Outside-view in line


Praise Dialogue

Recognition & Motivation
at team level and peer-to-peer


1:1 Development Dialogue

Structured discussions and individual coaching and mentoring



Digital OKR-workflow

Your Advantages

Leadbacker is instantly ready to use and supports you in all facets of your leadership work.



Get feedback anytime and
anywhere with your mobile device.



High acceptance rate due to playful
and voluntary use.



Application-oriented research with
WU Vienna and MIT Sloan.


Advantages for your organization

Leadbacker is ready to use within 24 hours and supports managers at all levels: Digital feedback dialogues with all stakeholders help grow as a leader and complement face-to-face conversations.



Do you focus on the development and learning culture of your employees? Leadbacker is the standard for instant feedback in organizations.



Leadbacker is a treasure that becomes more valuable with every use - with every failure and get-up, with every award and praise.



Want to develop your leadership skills? As a trusted digital advisor, Leadbacker shows you what you can work on.



Digital feedback loops and structured dialogues with all stakeholders are always possible for Leadbacker as Software+ and Trusted Advisor.


Our team

We are listeners, companions, data jugglers, implementers and coaches. We are your back-up for your leadership task. We are leadbackers.


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