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Leadership delivered.
In every cell of your organisation.

Leadbacker is one of the leading AI-powered people development platforms that makes feedback, reviews and individual growth fast, easy and unbiased. Leadbacker helps your employees to engage, develop and perform better.

Because leading implies understanding all facets!



Our customers speak for themselves

References and current success stories of our clients.

With Leadbacker, we are simply closer to our people.

Dr.in Judith Gonzalez
Head of HR

Leadbacker combines our ERGO Compass of Values with leadership in action.

Mag.a Eva Splitek
Head of HR & Purchasing

Leadbacker supports at important moments of the employee life cycle.

Ewald Winkelbauer
HR-Manager/Personnel development

I really like the Leadbacker concept because of its ease of use and multifunctionality!

Carmen Spinotti
Head of Human Resources

Leadbacker provides orientation and creates security in the turn-around phase.

MMag. Jörg Bachl
Head of HR

Leadbacker is a trustful advisor in challenging times.

Dr.in Nadja Madlener

Leadbacker helps increase our sales excellence.

Mag. Raphael Gratzl
Sales Force Lead & Development

Feedback enables development and promotes motivation.

Mag. Paul Birngruber

"Leadbacker is doing magic to our management!"

HR Lead, Media Industry

"We get a new transparency and quality for our personnel development."

HR Lead, Insurance Industry

"With Leadbacker, we close one of the most significant competence gaps in our management."

HR Manager, Media Industry

"Our leaders are generally operating more responsible since we are using Leadbacker as they know that their coworkers now have a voice which is heard."

HR Lead, Tech Industry

Seamless connectivity to your tools

Save valuable time - Leadbacker connects to your HR information system via API and imports the data directly into the Leadbacker account in a GDPR-compliant manner. We implement your wishes individually and look forward to hearing from you in this regard.


5 Steps to Closed Loop Learning

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  • default
  • activation
  • 3 day
  • sprint validation
  • with stakeholders
  • 1 day
  • ready for pilot

Heart Rate Monitor


Praise System




Development Dialogue


Learning library



Development Dialogue

Objectives & Key Results



  • Vitality check
  • (Heart Rate Monitor)
  • Return on
  • people investment
  • Continued
  • improvement
  • & change

Sensor Technology


Praise System Coaching Mentoring Objectives &Key Results Learning Library DevelopmentDialogue Whistleblower Speedys eNPS Moment My360 Surveys Heart Rate Monitor

Sensor Technology

Praise System Coaching Mentoring Objectives &Key Results Learning Library DevelopmentDialogue Whistleblower Speedys eNPS Pulse My360 Surveys Heart Rate Monitor


Praise System Coaching Mentoring Objectives &Key Results Learning Library DevelopmentDialogue Whistleblower Speedys eNPS Pulse My360 Surveys Heart Rate Monitor

Return on Investment

Engaged employees have a significant impact on the sustainability of your organization because they stay with the company longer, have a higher output rate and are more satisfied. The following ROI calculator will help you calculate the economic benefits of using Leadbacker.

Employee productivity has a significant impact on the organization. This is because proactive team members are happier and more likely to feel connected to the organization. As a result, they are more focused and better able to concentrate on the organization's goals. With our calculator, you can calculate how many costs you will save if the productivity of your employee:s increases.


For example:
You have 1,000 employees who earn an average of 100,000€ per year. With a productivity gain of only 1% you would have an economic advantage of 1.000.000€ per year.


Total Gain
0 €

Talent Retention

0 €

Do you know your recruiting and onboarding costs? These can become a significant cost factor if you have a high turnover rate. To prevent this, Leadbacker supports you in retaining employees in your organization.

  • What is the optimal talent lifecycle within your organization? 
  • How do you develop and invest talent? 

Invest in your talent through appropriate development programs and retain your important key employees for the long term. 


For example:
You hire 10 new female employees per year. Each hire is associated with costs in the amount of 10,000€. With an improvement in employee retention of e.g. 5%, you save 5,000€ in hiring costs per year.


Dedicated employees are more likely to go the extra mile, which contributes significantly to the overall satisfaction of your customers. This makes it possible for you to build long-term business relationships and attract new customers through referrals. Thus, a profit can be calculated based on the number of customers, the average order amount and the reduction of churn. 


For example:
You have 100 customers with an average order value of 100,000€. By increasing the commitment of your employees, you reduce churn by 10%. So you increase the turnover by 1.000.000€.

Customer Lifetime Value

0 €
*Wert einer Kundenbeziehungs über die gesamte Lebensdauer


0 €

Emotionally engaged employees enjoy being at work, arrive on time and are more productive. On average, the number of sick days per employed person was 12.7 days (2020). If you can reduce this, you will save costs and be able to complete projects faster. The following calculation will help you calculate the cost savings your company can achieve by reducing absenteeism.


For example:
Your 100 employees are contractually expected to work 240 days per year (average cost of 72,000€ p.a.). This results in the costs per working day; each reduced day of absence therefore saves you 30,000€.

Our team

We are listeners, companions, data jugglers, implementers and coaches. We are your back-up for your leadership task. We are leadbackers.


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With the completion of our end-to-end platform, Leadbacker is now one of the preferred vendors in the Employee Experience space.

Leadbacker is now listed on the relevant B2B platforms Capterra and G2

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