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… and become the best version of yourself!

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Inspire talents

Learn playfully

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Feedback makes your Leadership effective!

Grow with Feedback!

Feedback combines two human needs in a wonderful way – when it is both appreciative and strength-based: it combines the desire for personal growth with the desire to be accepted as we are today.

Target setting

digital OKR workflow

(targets & milestones)


structured, periodical 360

performance reviews

Pulse Feedback

spontaneous, on-the-spot

recognition in standard


Identify Hidden Talents and Blind Spots

harmonization of inside

and outside view

Individual Coaching 1:1


development reviews

Team Development

Recognition and motivation

at team level

Improve Team-Spirit & Leadership Culture!

Benefits for your Organisation

LEADBACKER is a trusted, digital advisor that helps you realize how to develop your leadership genes and become the best version of yourself

LEADBACKER is a treasure that becomes more valuable with every application – with every failure and every getting back up again, as well as with every award and praise that is given via LEADBACKER.

LEADBACKER is the standard for instant feedback in organisations focussing on a development- and learning culture.

Leadership DNA

Unleash the leadership DNA of your management team

Digital Workflows

digital processes immediately available
for OKR, continuous feedback & learning

Human Sensors

Reliable perceptions through peers


build on disciplinary and
informal networks

Data Security

Strictest data protection and full
GDPR conformity

Crowd Intelligence

Objective evaluation by the intelligent group

Your Benefits as Leader or HR Manager


Effective day-to-day leadership


Immediate feedback by
an objective group


formed and consolidated teams


Feedback available at any time


High acceptance through playful, familiar & voluntary use

Scientifically sound

Leadership competencies & corresponding observable behaviors – accompanied by IMD, MIT Sloan & WU Vienna

Our Team

Norbert Hölzl

Team Lead & Founder



Niko Waldenmair

Product Owner



Rosi Pecher

Sales Office Austria



Florian John

Product Marketing



Anna Derkach

Software Developer



Andrii Korchovyi

Software Developer



Olesia Topalo

Quality Assurance &

Project Management


Anastasiya Shtaltovna

R&D University



Lucas Hulsmann

F&A Investors Relation



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